Periscope vs Facebook Live: a comparison

As Periscope or Facebook Live become more dominant in live streaming, it’s sometimes hard to know which to use.  Tap into your Twitter audience with Periscope, or just broadcast to your Facebook audience?

During two recent events in Bradford we used both Periscope and Facebook Live at the same time. This helped us reach different audiences, and was a good opportunity to directly compare the two platforms. Here’s what happened and what I have concluded from the experiments.

The Queen’s 90th birthday celebration event in Bradford


Duration: 15:20

Live viewers: 183

Replay viewers: 106

Offensive comments: 4

Facebook Live

Duration: 33:00

Total views: 2,600

Reach: 6,046

Maximum concurrent viewers: 12*

Vigil for the victims of the Orlando shooting


Duration: 48:50

Live viewers: 641

Replay viewers: 233

Offensive comments: 12

Facebook Live

Duration: 48:00

Total views: 2,100

Reach: 15,400

Maximum concurrent viewers: 15*



With my two experiments I found that Periscope (linked with Twitter) was particularly good at reaching an audience specfic for an event, sometimes people in different parts of the world who had no prior relationship with our accounts.  Whereas Facebook Live is good at reaching a large number of people in an existing audience and their friends.

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If you start a Tweet with a @username, few people will see it

There is a little-known rule on Twitter that stops some of your Tweets from being seen by all your followers.

If you start a Tweet by mentioning another user (your Tweet begins with the @ symbol) only a fraction of your followers will see this Tweet. Only the people who follow both you and the account you mention will be able to see this Tweet in their home timeline. For example, let’s say @bradfordmdc Tweeted this:

“@CityParkBD will be plunged into semi-darkness tonight as BBC Stargazing Live comes to Bradford. “

Approximately one third of @bradfordmdc’s Twitter followers also follow @CityParkBD. It is only those mutual followers who would be able to see the above Tweet in their timeline. In other instances (comparing two accounts that are not so closely related) this figure could be much lower. Continue reading If you start a Tweet with a @username, few people will see it