The day I met George Martin

I had the honour of meeting the late George Martin about 20 years ago, and I’ll never forget it. He was the patron of the popular music degree that I studied at the University of Salford.

One day he came in to speak to us students in the lecture theatre. After talking for a while, he turned to the students, looked at me and asked what I wanted to do when I had graduated. Quickly catching breath after an initial feeling of “oh my God, George Martin just asked me a question!” I replied that I wanted to be a rock ‘n’ roll star.

I never fulfilled that ambition, but I’m content with life, and the fact that I made George Martin smile is good enough for me.



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I am a digital communications and marketing officer for Bradford Council and a musician.

2 thoughts on “The day I met George Martin”

  1. I was at that lecture as well and will never forget George Martin’s passionate plea to the young music students not to take their hearing for granted. Self-abuse takes many forms, including inflicting unacceptable noise levels on hearing for hours at a time. George Martin’s grief that he could no longer hear music that he loved was so poignant.

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