Google is our homepage

70% of recent visits to the Bradford Council website started at a search engine, and most of those started at Google.  I wanted to help our web authors think of the user journey starting not on our homepage, but on Google.

To help illustrate how so many user journeys start at Google, I mocked up a quick image for our web authors, imagining that Google actually is our homepage.

Google is our homepage
Think of the user journey starting at a search engine

For most users, a link on our homepage is not the deciding factor in getting where they want to be. Far more important is well written content that meets our web standards, and preferably on a webpage rather than in a PDF. Such content is likely to be easy to find on a search engine.

Make your own

I made my homepage mock up using Canva. A few people at other councils have asked me if they can adapt my image for their own use. I’m certainly happy to share it, but the only problem is that Canva doesn’t have a ‘share as template’ option. A shared Canva design is a ‘collaborative’ design. So, if you use this shared version of my Canva design, you need to remember that this is a shared file.  Once you have changed it to say what you want, make sure you download it straight away. You might find that if you go back to it the next day, someone else has changed the lettering.


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I am a digital communications and marketing officer for Bradford Council and a musician.

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