Yorkshire LocalGov Camp

I recently went to my first LocalGov Camp, and came away enthused. I had arrived enthused as well to be fair, but that’s not the point.  The point is that my enthusiasm has meant I have somehow talked myself into taking the lead on organising a regional event in Yorkshire – a local LocalGov Camp for local people.

The idea began during a Twitter conversation with Phil Rumens about how LocalGov Digital can reach out to councils who are working with beta websites.  One of Phil’s suggestions was to have a regional LocalGov Digital meet-up, something he is already planning in his own neck of the woods.  I particularly like this thought from Phil about the reasons for holding a localised event:

Are you local?

I already have enough people interested (after the above Twitter conversation) to feel sure that a Yorkshire LocalGov Camp is good idea, and we are probably looking at late autumn.   Because of the timing, one thing we might choose to discuss is winter weather.  Maybe we might want to work towards coordinated gritting communications, like they do with #wmgrit in the West Midlands.

I don’t want to plant too many ideas in your mind, as if you are interested in attending, I want your thoughts to be unhindered by my own suggestions – start with a blank canvas, and think about what you think we could achieve.

What I would like to know now is, who’s in? And can you help organise the event? I have to be realistic and say that I probably don’t have the time to do everything myself.  If we’re going to do this, the partnership work needs to begin in the planning stage.  If you want to help out, that would be amazing. Dave Briggs has written some advice on how to run a Gov Camp.  If you’re thinking of getting involved, I suggest you do as I did a few hours ago, and give that a read.

Precious things

There are a few things we need to decide soon about our Yorkshire LocalGov Camp, such as:

  • Date (and week day or weekend?)
  • Venue (and even which city?)
  • Can we get any funding from UK Gov Camp?
  • What catering will we provide?
  • Do we need sponsorship?

If you want to be involved in planning this event, pop a comment at the bottom of this blog.  Or tweet me and use the #LGCyorks hashtag.  Or you can contact me elsewhere if you want.

Even if you can’t commit to helping to plan the event, but you might want to come along to it, that’s also cool, so don’t keep quiet.

As I’ve not done this before, do pipe up if you think I’ve overlooked anything so far, or if you have any suggestions.

Original photo by Lisa Jarvis [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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I am a digital communications and marketing officer for Bradford Council and a musician.

2 thoughts on “Yorkshire LocalGov Camp”

  1. I ran one of these at York in 2010 with @kevupnorth (and ran one in Preston in 2012). Attended the first ever #localgovcamp and have been organising events and conferences for many years. Happy to be involved.

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