The sound of Wikipedia breathing

I recently found out what the internet sounds like, and it’s amazing.  Have a listen to the music made by live Wikipedia edits and I’m sure you will agree.

Hatnote - listen to Wikipedia
Hatnote – listen to Wikipedia as it is edited

I find this absolutely extraordinary, so very now in every way. This is surely the ultimate music of the digital age. It’s a concerto of knowledge.

Everyone with internet access can, and might, contribute to the performance at any one time.  Every listener’s experience will be unique, as is your own experience every time you go back to it. I have Comms2Point0 and Stevie Benton to thank for finding out about this, after seeing this Tweet back in February:

Ever since first hearing it, I wanted to play an extract on my radio show. Sadly I never got round to it, and was kicking myself for forgetting to include it in my final show.  However, I now realise I wasn’t meant to play it on air.  Had I done so, both me and my listener would have heard the same performance.  And that would have defeated the object.


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I am a digital communications and marketing officer for Bradford Council and a musician.

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